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Weather report for South Tyrol


The weather today Wednesday, 29.05.2024

Sun and clouds

Pressure will tend to increase. Air masses will not yet be stable.
Sunny spells alternate with denser clouds. A few rain showers or isolated thunderstorms will develop during the evening.
Maximum temperatures between 20° and 26°.

The mountain weather today: Variably cloudy

Pressure will tend to increase. Air masses will not yet be stable.
Even in the mountains, cloudiness may shield the sun. The probability of showers will increase slightly in the afternoon.

Wind in 3000m

light northwesterly


Sunrise: 05:29 Uhr
Sunset: 20:57 Uhr


Moonrise: 01:36 Uhr
Moonset: 11:01 Uhr

The mountain weather tomorrow Thursday, 30.05.2024


Western currents will bring humid air masses.
From west some rain showers and thunderstorm with sunny spells.
High temperatures between 18° in Bruneck an 22° in Bozen.

The mountain weather tomorrow: Unstable

Western currents will bring humid air masses.
The conditions are unfavourable. The mountains are often covered in fog, the visibility is very limited. In addition, there are frequent, sometimes heavy rain showers or thunderstorms.

Wind in 3000m

moderate southwesterly


Sunrise: 05:28 Uhr
Sunset: 20:58 Uhr


Moonrise: 02:00 Uhr
Moonset: 12:21 Uhr

The weather for the next days

Friday rain

Unsettled weather with precipitation is expected on Friday. The snow line will sink to 1700/2000 m.Partly sunny weather will also prevail on Saturday with some local showers.On Sunday morning sunny weather, in the second part of the day some rain showers or thunderstorms. Monday sun and clouds.


Dull, moderate rain min.Temp. 6° / 13° max. Temp. 12° / 17°


Cloudy min.Temp. 4° / 12° max. Temp. 15° / 24°


Cloudy, moderate rain min.Temp. 4° / 13° max. Temp. 16° / 25°


Cloudy min.Temp. 6° / 14° max. Temp. 17° / 26°

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